Editorial| Volume 6, ISSUE 4, P987, December 2020

Reflections on Highlights

      Open Access is fundamental to the mission of the Arthroplasty Today, helping bring the best science in an online journal, without limitation or restriction. While the electronic journal ensures that authors can publish results quickly, the look and feel of a printed journal has a certain allure and we are pleased to have the opportunity to print a compilation of articles reprinted from previous issues. This annual print collection of articles highlights the diversity of authors, research and article types, and includes content from AAHKS and AJRR. The Editorial Board nominates articles for the Arthroplasty Today Highlights collection based on their perceived value and impact, and the Editor in Chief selects the final articles for inclusion. I think you will find that the articles selected for the 2020 Highlights collection are widely representative, informative, and outstanding.
      The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic has created global changes in clinical practice and has presented new challenges for the entire health-care enterprise. In response to the pandemic, arthroplasty surgeons nearly ubiquitously reduced or ceased elective surgeries temporarily, adopted telehealth and remote learning to their clinical and educational armamentaria and adapted to social distancing and personal protective equipment requirements in their practices. Travel bans and quarantining have altered our approach to meetings. In the past, the printed Highlights collection was included in the registration packet given to every attendee at the AAHKS annual meeting. As many physicians are unable to attend the meeting, AAHKS will mail the print copies to all US members.
      Arthroplasty Today is indexed on PubMed Central, the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ, and in Scopus. Over the past year, the journal has grown in the number of submitted and published articles at an unprecedented rate. I am deeply grateful for the dedicated efforts of Peer Review Manager Taylor Bowen, our reviewers, the Arthroplasty Today Editorial Board, AAHKS staff, and the team at Elsevier, who have helped us keep pace with an increase of 142% in manuscript submissions. Our readership has expanded and our social media presence has blossomed exponentially over the last year. Visual abstracts posted on our Twitter site, @ArthroToday, are a unique way to present the main findings of published articles, to pique interest and to spark discussion among our colleagues. I encourage you to view, share, and comment on them online.
      I hope that you will take this opportunity to read the Highlights collection, use it for a learning exercise or journal club, and, by doing so, find the impetus to explore the journal and to submit your scholarly work to Arthroplasty Today at